In 1997, Hayashi(Hiro), still he was in high school, great admirer of DEVO forms POLYSICS.

The band experiences various member changes but their very orginal "look"-the sunglasses and uniforms, origianl live performance, the blasting guitar sound, synthesizers and vocoders attracted many. Plus their fusion with computer music made them sound very orginal and astonishing.

They easily become the main band of the TOKYO NEW WAVE OF NEW WAVE scene. In1998, Kayo joins the band. They make their independent debut in 1999, releasing their first album "1st P". The next year, are signed to the Japanese major record company Ki/oon plus begin playing outside Japan. As well as touring the U.S, they perform at the SXSW2000, and release "Hey! Bob! My Friend "in both the U.S and in the Republic of korea. In 2001, Fumi still then a support member, formally joins the band. Sugai, the drummer since their debut leaves in 2003 and Ishimaru(from Japanese band SNAIL RAMP) takes place as their support. This is when their activites abroad start on a regular basis and do their first coast to coast US tour.

Release "POLYSICS OR DIE!!!!" in 2004, hold "7DAYS TO DIE!!!!!" playing seven days straight. On the last of this show, Yano makes his debut as the new drummer of POLYSICS. On the same year, they start performing in the UK. Release their best compilation album "POLYSICS OR DIE!!!!", Tour the UK twice. Play 94 shows in four countries thus spreading the name and their live performance out to the world.

In 2005, they release their 5th major album "Now is the time!". Valued highly as their best album ever, the next year out in both the U.S and Europe. That year, they played 96 shows in six countries. Polysics' live perform is estimated highly and getting tour offers from many known artists. In April, they support acted the Kaiser Chiefs in the UK. Their singles "Electric Surfin' Go Go" and "You-You-You" were released.

In 2007, this year is the special year for Polysics cause of 10th anniversary year. In January, they did 6th US tour. And on 4th-March, they did special live "10th Anniversary OR DIE". The first Polysics live was on 4th-March 1997, yes,same date. On the other hand, their 8th album "KARATE HOUSE" droped on 28th-February. They did "POLYSICS WORLD TOUR OR DIE 2007!!!!-KARATE HOUSE!!!!-" domestic tour (30venues for 2 months). Just as final live at Tokyo, they left Japan to Paris,performed at "Villette Sonique". 2,000 French people were dancing with Polysics music. And then, they visited to UK.They performed at "O2 Wireless Festival" in Leeds and London. Besides "Main Stage"!! In fall, their 2nd best album "POLYSICS OR DIE!!!!-VISTA-" was released from MySpace Records.

In 2008, they released their 9th Album "We ate the machine".
Their work was more and more actively. They did three times of domestic tour, twice of Europe tour, and US tour. Finally their live performances were 114 in this year, this is largest number ever.
In 2009, they took part in Fuji Rock Festival (biggest domestic music festival).
It was second time in a decade.
16th September, 10th album "Absolute POLYSICS" is released.

In 2010, they released the second best Album "BESTOISU!!!!" which is included songs after Yano came into the band.
14th March, Polysics performed at Budokan (the most famous and big capacity venue in Japan) in commemoration of the 10th year since they made a debut from ki/ooon records.
Tickets were sold out, that was a great honor for Polysics.
At the same time, it was the last show for Kayo. She graduated from Polysics with that day and the band took a hiatus.
In August, Polysics made a comeback as three piece band at the most biggest music festival in Japan "Rock In Japan Festival.2010".
After the comeback, they maintain energetic activities.
On December, they released mini album "eee P!!!" which is the first song for new Polysics.
In March 2011, they released "Oh! No! It's Heavy Polysick!!!" that is the first album as new Polysics since they become 3 piece band.

In March 2012, they reach the memorial 1000th shows and celebrated15th Anniversary.
In December, full length album『Weeeeeeeeee!!!』was released.